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If you or any of your close contacts has a cold, flu or COVID-19, please DO NOT book an appointment until fully recovered. You will be asked to respond to a mandatory COVID-19 screening one day prior to your appointment.


 Online Booking

1. We accept new clients by our existing client’s referral only. Please provide our existing client’s name when booking your first appointment.

2. Please make sure you have received an Appointment Confirmation email before coming to the clinic. Check your junk emails or contact us (text messaging: 613-299-3013) if you haven’t receive any emails from us within 12 hours of booking an appointment.

3. We turn down appointments from clients with repeated delays, cancellations/changes made within 48 hours of appointment time or no-shows, and clients wearing heavily scented products to their appointments. We appreciate your understanding and kind help, so we can provide our best personalized care to you and all our clients.