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Throughout the treatment, both the client and the therapist must wear a clean mask.

Please read the following screening questions BEFORE requesting an appointment (updated on September 2nd, 2022):

1. Do you or any of your close contacts have monkeypox, a cold, the flu, COVID or their related symptoms currently or within the past 10 days?

2. Are you experiencing fever, a NEW or worsening cough, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath?

3. Are you experiencing any of these UNEXPLAINED symptoms listed here:

Swollen lymph nodes, skin rashes, elevated skin lesions, fatigue/malaise/exhaustion, night sweats, chills, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, runny nose, nasal congestion, digestive symptoms (including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), loss of taste/smell, sore muscles, conjunctivitis (pink eye), headache

4. Have you been in close contact (without personal protective equipment) with someone who is SYMPTOMATIC or who has been confirmed to have monkeypox or COVID-19 within the past 10 days?

6. Have you travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days?

7. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 AND have not yet had two negative test (each rapid test done at least 24 hours apart)?

‚ÄčOnly request an appointment if your response to ALL screening questions is NO. Should your response to the above questions change after booking an appointment, please contact us to reschedule as soon as possible.